Automotive Training

Automotive Training
AUR20816 - Certificate II in Outdoor Power Equipment Technology
This course is ideal for anyone interested in a career in the automotive industry. 
Get hands-on training from highly skilled trainers who have worked in the industry with our Small Engines Technician course. Designed to introduce you into the industry and help you develop the essential skills needed to obtain a job or an apprenticeship.
Students will have the opportunity to not only gain knowledge in the servicing and maintenance of a variety of equipment and vehicles, but will also disassemble and rebuild a number of different types of engines.
A skill shortage area, the automotive industry offers a broad and diverse range of careers that provide local, national and international career paths for trainees, apprentices and personnel in automotive manufacturing, retail and repair & maintenance operations.
Along with gaining skills and knowledge currently in demand in the outdoor power equipment sector, participants will have the opportunity to complete core units common to a number of automotive industry qualifications.
This qualification is suitable for an Australian apprenticeship pathway.
Subjects you can Study:
Core: Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace; Inspect and service outdoor power equipment engines; Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace; Solder electrical wiring and circuits; Read and respond to automotive workplace information; Inspect, test and service batteries; plus more. Electives: Carry out pre-repair operations to outdoor power equipment; Diagnose and repair outdoor power equipment engines; Inspect and service line trimming systems and components; Inspect and service petrol fuel systems; plus more.
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