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Are you taking full advantage of Australian government funding?
Traineeships are a combination of “earning and learning” and can be offered to new staff in a wide variety of areas. They are recognised as one of the best ways an employee can achieve a nationally recognised qualification. Research shows staff training improves morale, productivity and confidence.
What qualifications are available?
The list is extensive however Certificates II, III and IV in Hospitality, Tourism, Business, Automotive and Retail are available under traineeship arrangements.
Who can be an apprentice or trainee?
New employees, including school-based trainees. Full and part-time staff may be eligible.
Benefits of employing an ap​prentice or trainee
An effective way to attract and recruit staff
Some employers view apprenticeships and traineeships as an integral component of their workforce recruitment strategy. Employers train the person within their work environment in areas where skills are required.
A catalyst for rethinking systems and processes
Employers have reported that training an apprentice or trainee often encourages staff to rethink and challenge existing work practices. Productivity improvements can be an unexpected outcome of employing an apprentice or trainee.
Contributing to their community
School-based apprenticeships or traineeships can make a real difference in motivating young people to complete school and work towards their future career goal.
Employer satisfaction
Employers and supervisors often experience a great deal of satisfaction during the process as they help apprentices and trainees mould new skills and gain confidence in a work environment.
How much does it cost?
For those eligible for User Choice funding, the cost can vary between $150 and $1000 depending on the qualification and the actual content. Concessional rates may apply to school-based trainees and health care card holders.
About apprenticeships and trai​​neeships - Information for employers
No matter what industry you are in, apprentices and trainees (including school-based) provide real benefits to your business. You provide training to the apprentice or trainee in your way of doing the job. This increases efficiency and productivity in your business, helping to foster growth while maintaining and preserving the quality of skills in your industry and giving you a competitive edge by having trained a skilled team.​
You and your apprentice or trainee will sign a training contract, which is a legally binding agreement that you and your apprentice or trainee will work together to achieve the apprenticeship or traineeship within the specified period.
Employer incentives
Generous Australian Government financial incentives may be available for employers of eligible trainees and apprentices.

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